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we made 120 May Day Baskets for students at North Border Walhalla

Hola from Pembilier Nursing Center! May is starting out to be quite eventful for our residents. In the first week alone, they made 120 May Day Baskets for the k-8th  grade students at North Border Walhalla. Not to brag, but the ladies that helped assemble the baskets cranked them out in no time! They swiftly passed the tiny cups down the assembly line filling them with a variety of decadent treats such as tootsie rolls. Once word gets out, I wouldn’t be surprised if they get called in by ProBiotein to help assemble their microbiome bars! Wednesday, some residents handcrafted magnets that they decided to sell to staff to raise money to buy merchandise for their Christmas shop this year. The Christmas shop provides a place for our residents to “purchase” gifts for themselves or for their loved ones. Anyways, let’s get to the super exciting part of the week… Cinco De Mayo which we celebrated with a fiesta on Friday. We began the fiesta like any other party usually starts… a fun craft! Residents decorated adorable cacti’ that they will proudly display in their rooms. After the craft was completed, we cranked up the Mariachi music and the real partying began! We feasted on chimichangas and chips with salsa and guacamole. The residents washed all of the delicious food down with a tasty Margarita aka Ginger Ale with lemonade. To give them the most authentic experience possible, the drinks had lime slices and the residents were given the option to eat the worm! Sure the worms came in various colors and were purchased from the candy aisle at a local store, but it was still a worm. Our amazing residents were even able to play Cinco De Mayo bingo while partaking in the other festivities! I will share a few of the photos from our photo booth, but much like Vegas, what happens at the fiesta stays at the fiesta…

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Heather Duerre

Past News

Greetings from Pembilier Nursing Center! As I adjust to my new role as Activity Director, I am reminded of just how blessed I am. Some people think that all an activity person does is play games with the residents… while that is part of it, this job entails much more than calling bingo numbers. In fact, this may come as a big shock, but some people don’t even like to play bingo! Crazy I know, but it’s true. Just like any of us, our residents all have different likes and dislikes. Some love to participate in group activities while others prefer the comfort of their own room. In their rooms, they keep busy doing activities of their own choosing. Some crochet and knit, some watch old westerns and dream about chasing down the bad guys, and some enjoy putting their minds to the test with crosswords. There are even a few that are high-tech and spend time on their cell phones, tablets, and computers! Our residents also get one on one visits where we have the opportunity to get to know them better. Everyone has a past that can shed light onto the person they are today. We try to keep life for our residents as active as possible with the knowledge that everyone is unique with a variety of interests. On that note… If you or someone you know has a special talent (playing music, singing, art, etc) that they would like to share with our residents, please reach out to me at 701-549-3831.

  • Heather Duerre